Yukie Ohta is a storyteller.  Through her writing, editing, translation, collage and design, she narrates tales that span the past, present, and future and asks others to collaborate with her in shaping collective memories and aspirations.

Yukie is the founder of The SoHo Memory Project, a mobile museum, archive, and blog celebrating and preserving the history of SoHo as a New York City neighborhood whose mission is to document the evolution of the area that is now called “SoHo” from colonial days through the present, with a focus on the decades between 1960 -1980, when it was a vibrant artists community.

Yukie also writes about the history of New York City for various publications.  She is also an archivist and collage artist, and has worked as a literary translator and handbag designer.

After receiving an MA in East Asian Studies from The University of Chicago where she translated early twentieth century Japanese children’s literature, she owned and operated an independent boutique in Brooklyn where she sold her own one-of-a-kind handbags.  She later received an MLS in archives and special collections from The Palmer School of Library and Information Science while she was a stay-at-home-mom and worked in the archives of The CUNY Graduate Center, The Brooklyn Eagle and the Old York Library.

Yukie is a native New Yorker and lives with her family in her childhood home in SoHo.